Hello Viewers! This is the new page called Support! In wich you will be able to tell us wich are the problems that we have in the blog to fix them for example:

  • Misspellings
  • Repeated Posts
  • Wrong Links

and others.

I hope you can help us making this blog better every day!



13 Responses to Support

  1. Oliver Travers says:

    A fatal error occurred
    Step: “reg”

    error = ‘Can\’t call method “selectrow_array” on an undefined value at lib/CPPS/ line 93.

    Everytime I register it comes up with this dialog, I have tryed registering on Chrome. Firefox and IE but none of them will let me Register. Please help me as I really want to register.

  2. theslammer97 says:

    That happens when you register to what? Wich of the CPPSes? I’d like to help you but I need more info 😉

  3. Nikolaaa1 says:

    Hey Vac! My Old Acc Is Hacked 😦

    • Jade says:

      Well, Vacrelio left CPPS’es and really he isnt on this blog that much. (Once in a blue moon) I can’t do that much about it, ask theslammer97.


  4. cool says:

    ok why ask him/her

  5. ρєαcєѕιgηףל ℓιєкѕ gυмму вєαяz. says:

    One of your staff says he has GREAT grammar but it turns out his typing looks like this:
    Dude,thats’ wrong.
    So work on grammar.

  6. piratedavid says:

    i have a problem with the connecting .It say me Conection was trouble . PLeaste contact the support.Help me !!

  7. kiki says:

    the snailcp wont work at the moment

  8. gunnerban says:


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