Habbo Retro List

NOTE: If you we’re to copy this, please have credit for retroHQ.

Page:  www.fresh-hotel.org

Page: Habplus.com 

Page: Eubbo.com



Comment below if you have more!


44 Responses to Habbo Retro List

  1. Motherf*cker! says:

    Anything dosent……..Work|!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Stanley says:

    Anything dosentWork exept for Atlantic penguin

  3. colo says:

    cpps.me is cool

  4. skymiranda says:

    Snail cp works atlantic penguin wont work :/

  5. wanda065 says:

    There is a new cpps called “Mintycpps”. A new cpps under construction. There cool custom items and awesome edited rooms. So you can see the rooms in Edited rooms there are the links so you can see the rooms. There are also cool commands. Here is the link for the website:
    For the xat:

    Enjoy 🙂 🙂

  6. dancingboys says:


  7. dancingboys says:

    ultimate penguin has still up if you are still on not sleep

  8. cpps.me fan says:

    ultimate penguin:down forever -yes i know its sad to hear but its true

  9. iPenguini says:

    Atlantic penguin and CPPS.me and Club peffle works, but club puffle is tiny screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Minid says:

    Add worldcp!

  11. David Nonato says:

    I have secret link of Ultimate Penguin! 🙂 But the link is for play! You can register in other day 😦
    the link is ultimatepenguin.me/play/load.swf 🙂

  12. Stoney says:

    I just made my own CPPS free!
    So can you with CPPSCreator!
    or follow them on twitter!

  13. dayana says:

    Can’t enter to AP?

  14. who cares??????????? says:

    everybody go on CPYS its awesome!

  15. Leo Choo says:

    sorry ap i closed on 12/4/2012!!

  16. eriv2343 says:

    Hello penguins, UP is closed forever 30/06/2012 Bye 🙂

  17. gunnerban says:

    cpps.me will be back soon

  18. Taylormarie says:

    CPYS Is having trouble with the logio page.

  19. NO says:

    none of them work

  20. apple jack says:

    it keeps saying disabled why?

  21. Peanut3141cp says:

    I have a CPPS! Jordanscpps.tk

  22. yarrh0pper says:

    cpys is also the best

  23. Pretty! This was an incredibly wonderful article. Many thanks for supplying these details.

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