SA Sports Gaming

Hello, no one has posted for quite a while, so I thought I would bring back the website in a new direction , SA Sports Gaming which I have made up by myself, and already have people working.

We make games for PHBA/Basketball and FIFA/Soccer. It’s really cool, we made a card gameand to win coins you play someone 1 vs 1 on a habbo retro ( recommended). 

When you win, add SAENER2 or some people on the staff page and when they are online ask for coins, (maximum is 100,000). And we will add it to your record stats. To buy players the prices will be on the prices page and you go to the seller room on Fresh Hotel by SAENER2 called Selling Room. If you have enough you can buy for your team and add to your squad.

Here is a sneak peek of the card. Image Dont forget to come back for updates

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Best retro of the year!

This is the time, to find out what is the best habbo retro of the year!

Do this poll, on christmas we will tell you who it is!

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New Admin!

Hi everyone, I am the new admin of vacrelio96! Since I am the new admin I will tell you a little about myself!

1: I am usually on

2: I am kinda into wordpress.

3: I hang out with Roman alot (Jeremy)

4: That’s all you need to know, bye.


xat: Sour (368070417)

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Fusion Hotel

Hey vacrelio96. Looking for a new habbo retro? Who is in need for staff? You’re in the right place, please welcome Fusion Hotel!

Well, this has experienced owners, Dan and Waves. You would have the best experience at this hotel, it has alot of creative users. Good owners and staff who take care and when there is trouble they come straight away. The owner Waves agreed to take a photo. 

Of course you want the link


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We are back everyone! But we’re no longer CPPS. We are habbo retro’s. We are called retroHQ. Habbo Retro’s are such a fun game to play, you can create your own rooms make a group, dress your self with shoes, and more!

I love habbo retro’s and it’s good. Try it out.

Here is one for test:


We will advertise many retro’s! Here is a picture of me.

Make sure to look out for me.


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MattCPPS- You’re home

Hello vacguins! So I was looking around the CPPS community and I found a intresting CPPS called MattCPPS. It has 4 or 5 servers and is a great server for you! I have been there for atleast 10 minutes. And all the users welcomed me, I recommend you playing this CPPS, I made a few friends there! It has a Bot with nameglow and color. You can also buy namecolor, Mediator, Moderator,Nameglow or Bubble Color! Check out this!



Well, it’s recommended for you!

Join today!

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Hello! I am Lance, known as iLance.

I am 16 years old, and I love CPPS.

I play football, and very popular at my school.

I am a new editor, so expect a post every day!

NOTE: I am moving to the United States, so I’m flying to a state called Missouri.




EDIT: I have a Rile5, called iLance.

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