Comment your suggestions here and we may add them! Don’t send a comment with inappropriate stuff. Please keep your comments reasonable also. Please, no suggestions for hiring yourself. Keep that in the Staff List/Applications. Any Comments on this page you may also post here.




12 Responses to Suggestions

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  2. PeaceSign97 says:

    I don’t understand this… this like (link erased to prevent advertisement) ?

  3. Jade says:

    Why not we add a forums for the blog?


  4. John Cena says:

    SolarCP moved to

  5. PeaceSign97 says:

    Hmm….you can add a page for polls.

  6. PeaceSign97 says:

    I just thought of that since you had like entertainment stuff and pictures.

  7. maybe u should add troll face of the month or CPPS Of the month or a page where to waarn us from hackers

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