New author.

Hey, I’m the next author. Allow me to tell you a few things about me.

  • General Stuff
  • I hate sports, and I can’t ride a bike.
  • I love playing on the piano.
  • I love swimming.
  • I have a lost cat in my garden.
  • I love watching Spongebob Squarepants


  •  Authored stuff
  • I am active, and I love to blog.
  • I have good knowledges of blogging.
  • I approve comments, and get back to players A.S.A.P
  • I have great grammar.

That’s all from me. I’d like to thank the founder of the blog for hiring me, thanks,

-APingualex10 (Known as Alex.)


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Need in Authors & More news

Hello all, I am X/xPiex. I have seen Vacrelio’s post and I am going to announce something to.

I will carry on Vacrelio96, since Vacrelio quit.™

We will fire some authors and bring new authors who can post and be active daily. post below, a post will come soon.

– X


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Just 2 things to tell you guys

Hey guys, It’s me, Vac, 1 month passed and I just FORGOT I had a blog (lol) I don’t know what to say, this is kinda embarassing, I just wanna say sorry for leaving you here waiting for a new post, I see the other authors don’t put anything, so, I’ve finally decided it, and I’m oficially quitting CPPSes. I’m sorry about that, really.

But in the other news (Not bad at all) I aint leaving this blog, I may put some things of other social games, funny things, I don’t know, things like that, I hope you like this “new” blog that its just changing direction and Name, and, Header, and theme, and you know, um… NOTHING


PS. I like trains.

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Penguin Planet – New CPPS!

Hey guys, I just made a CPPS called Penguin Planet. It’s online. Here’s some pictures!

So, Just to tell you, It’s not hamachi, Fully working for everyone!

Penguin Planet Has Working Puffles (Well, working a bit), Stamps, Achievments, and more! I’ll add igloos soon.

Links : Play/Register. Soon adding a home page

Stay tuned for more!


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Club Penguin Your Server (CPYS); NOW BACK!

When I found out that this incredible CPPS came out again, I got really excited; I’ve lived a lot of adventures here with my friends, etc. For the Old Users, you’ll have to re-register. And also, some of you Old Users, might have already remember what the staff members put on the site when closed. “We’ll be trying to get it back when we get the VPS.” The point is that their coder quitted and they couldn’t turn on the VPS, so they closed the game. Now as I see, this awesome CPPS came back.

The CPPS got their old owners: Cool Boy 714 and Tooly, they also got a Twitter that is currently offline.  Also, the CPPS is dependent, wich means that it needs that the owner of the VPS is online to use it, as same as the Register, wich needs to be activated by the owner, if you try to register when the Server is Offline, it will appear this message:

“2002: Can’t connect to local MySQL server through socket ‘/var/run/mysqld/mysqld.sock’ (2)”

But don’t worry, I know they’ll fix this soon. 



PS: There’s currently a VERY RARE Beta Testing in this CPPS wich will last until 06/06/12. What are you waiting for?! Sign Up NOW!

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iOldCP, New Club Penguin Private Server

Hey My People, first of all, and I hope Vac reads this, I’m REALLY HAPPY you’re back to CPPSes, I will tell you more about it when I see you ¬¬.

In the other hand, I wanna tell you about this Awesome CPPS called iOldCP, as the name says, it has SOME of the old rooms and features that old CP had,  really old/experienced CP users will probably get some Nostalgia when you check this CPPS, I suggest you guys to check it, the maps are not “that old” as same as the login, the creator is making another project called wich will have all of the ORIGINAL (I hope so) features that old CP had. Here’s some photos of me and Vacrelio in some Old Rooms that new CP doesn’t have today:

 This is the old Plaza, when it had no theatre and you could sit on the tables for a Cup of Tea/Coffee, that place was owned by the Pizza Parlor Owner. (Vac Photobomber)

 This is me in the Old Sport Shop, in this place you could buy Furniture and Clothes related to sports, now in the actual CP you can get that on the Ice Rink and other places (Seriously? ¬¬ ) At the moment, EPF has replaced the Sport Shop, and of course EPF is NOT SECRET AT ALL. Not like the “Old Days”…

So here I put you the links for you to check it, I FORCE you to ENTER:



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Club Puffle Looking for Staff!

I don’t know if they posted about this cool CPPS Club Puffle Already, the thing is that this incredible CPPS is looking for staff! As SlaYnn said on his/her post.

The form you need to fill to be staff is this (Do not comment in here):

Club Puffle username:
Real name:
Previous experience:
how can we contact to you,skype,email:
What postion you want (med,mod,staff leader:(
Why should I be staff member on Club Puffle:


I completed the form, I wanted to be staff once and again.

So in my opinion this CPPS is really cool, besides it has staff I’ve never heard before. It has a bot with the same clothes as iCP from iCpv3 wich made me remember “the Old Times”.



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