Penguin Planet – New CPPS!

Hey guys, I just made a CPPS called Penguin Planet. It’s online. Here’s some pictures!

So, Just to tell you, It’s not hamachi, Fully working for everyone!

Penguin Planet Has Working Puffles (Well, working a bit), Stamps, Achievments, and more! I’ll add igloos soon.

Links : Play/Register. Soon adding a home page

Stay tuned for more!



About paraLLeL

Daryl R.- CS:GO Player & Writer for ElectronicStars - Contact Me:
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5 Responses to Penguin Planet – New CPPS!

  1. Sombraxxx says:

    is not working ;(

  2. ju982grd says:

    Hey stomp whats up

  3. Awesomeman1 says:

    It’s not working for me.Is it down?

  4. wabafit says:

    Why !ac Command No Work?

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