iOldCP, New Club Penguin Private Server

Hey My People, first of all, and I hope Vac reads this, I’m REALLY HAPPY you’re back to CPPSes, I will tell you more about it when I see you ¬¬.

In the other hand, I wanna tell you about this Awesome CPPS called iOldCP, as the name says, it has SOME of the old rooms and features that old CP had,  really old/experienced CP users will probably get some Nostalgia when you check this CPPS, I suggest you guys to check it, the maps are not “that old” as same as the login, the creator is making another project called wich will have all of the ORIGINAL (I hope so) features that old CP had. Here’s some photos of me and Vacrelio in some Old Rooms that new CP doesn’t have today:

 This is the old Plaza, when it had no theatre and you could sit on the tables for a Cup of Tea/Coffee, that place was owned by the Pizza Parlor Owner. (Vac Photobomber)

 This is me in the Old Sport Shop, in this place you could buy Furniture and Clothes related to sports, now in the actual CP you can get that on the Ice Rink and other places (Seriously? ¬¬ ) At the moment, EPF has replaced the Sport Shop, and of course EPF is NOT SECRET AT ALL. Not like the “Old Days”…

So here I put you the links for you to check it, I FORCE you to ENTER:



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5 Responses to iOldCP, New Club Penguin Private Server

  1. Nyan says:

    Would like to be an author for my blog? I see you post a lot!

  2. theslammer97 says:

    Sure! Vacrelio had told me a lot of good things of you, I’d be glad to be author on your blog! We can contact by a CPPS if you like, you just tell me. 😉

  3. rudolph741 says:

    How do i join!!!!?????

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