Club Puffle Looking for Staff!

I don’t know if they posted about this cool CPPS Club Puffle Already, the thing is that this incredible CPPS is looking for staff! As SlaYnn said on his/her post.

The form you need to fill to be staff is this (Do not comment in here):

Club Puffle username:
Real name:
Previous experience:
how can we contact to you,skype,email:
What postion you want (med,mod,staff leader:(
Why should I be staff member on Club Puffle:


I completed the form, I wanted to be staff once and again.

So in my opinion this CPPS is really cool, besides it has staff I’ve never heard before. It has a bot with the same clothes as iCP from iCpv3 wich made me remember “the Old Times”.




About vacreli0

Hey guys wazzup, I am Vacrelio I work in Vacrelio96 site, I like to hang out with my friends, I like action, adventure, and mistery, you can easily find me in Penguin Trillion or DarkCPPSv3. Oh I forgot... STOP STALKING MEEEE
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3 Responses to Club Puffle Looking for Staff!

  1. Elio says:

    Well when i enter my username i capitalize the first letter and when i enter the i its capitalize it so please help me

  2. Richard1222 says:

    Hey ummm how do you get on club puffle when it says you have to be a modator or some thing like that i get annoyed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. deepsnow1 says:

    club puffle has been closed for 2-3 weeks ); thats a LOOONG time.

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