HeroCP – My New CPPS!

Hey Guys, it’s me.. Stomp!

I finally got out my 3rd CPPS. It is called “HeroCP”. Here’s some pictures!

The Thing is… It seems like it only works for me :(. If you can help, please do. Lately, I’m trying to put the loader and the register on a blank website with no contents so It will work for other people. So I hope you comment so you help!



About paraLLeL

Daryl R.- CS:GO Player & Writer for ElectronicStars - Contact Me: daryl.ruggier@gmail.com
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8 Responses to HeroCP – My New CPPS!

  1. Lisa says:

    You can only play it because I think you localhost it with no VPS.

  2. rsnail2 says:

    i saw stomp on snail cp a cpps

  3. Nyan says:

    Hi Stomp. I see you are a great author!
    And i was asking if we can kinda have a deal.
    I am AllTechDude from Penguin of the Month. And i just re-opened my blog. But instead of getting 350+ hits a day, im getting 50. Im asking if you can advertize with a post about http://nyancp.tk and i will make you an author their.

  4. James says:

    I just made my own CPPS free!
    So can you with CPPSCreator!
    or follow them on twitter!

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