Awesome & New CPPS- InternalCP

OK guys, first of all, I’m not coming back (Well, I don’t know), xPiex (MultiCPPS) forced me to make this post xD, is about his new CPPS as you may have seen in older posts called InternalCP, I checked twice this awesome CPPS wich has features that no CPPS I remember had before, the !iCrawl Command and others…

So… You should check it out guys here I put the links:

Home <- You will find “Register” and “Play” Links there

PS: For the new guys that check this blog and doesn’t know who I am, I am the retired creator of this blog 😛 (I just needed to say it -.- )


About vacreli0

Hey guys wazzup, I am Vacrelio I work in Vacrelio96 site, I like to hang out with my friends, I like action, adventure, and mistery, you can easily find me in Penguin Trillion or DarkCPPSv3. Oh I forgot... STOP STALKING MEEEE
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4 Responses to Awesome & New CPPS- InternalCP

  1. iMelo12 says:

    lol they could tell if they scrolled down lmao

  2. Charlie says:

    What do you mean?-xPiex

  3. šтøмρ says:

    Link wont work…

  4. Nyan says:


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