New CPPS-InternalCP

My CPPS is out, once again.

Hey everyone it’s xPiex, my cpps is out, called InternalCP.

It’s new as new and we are hiring, we have customs,great community and you start with 100000 or more coins!

Grid created this for me, i’m very happy i have my own CPPS, maybe Stomp should own it with me?

If you wanna be staff, comment below.



What would you do as staff:


Simple as a pringle.

By the way, Vacrelio commented let’s hope he comments on this and returns!

Kind Regards,



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27 Responses to New CPPS-InternalCP

  1. Hiya,here are the questions.
    1. Leppy
    3….Owner,or the hightest rank free,im not going to be expecting owner but still Ill kepp my hope’s up!
    4. Im creator on LePieCP,MintCPPS,Super admin on MintyCPPS,Admin On AdvanceCPPS,Owner on CPPS6 And,Owner on Snowypenguin
    If you wish to contact me here is how.
    youtube—> JLSgirl2468
    find me on—> thewicked xat,lepiecp xat,mintycpps or mintypneguin xat,big dane,xat,dock xat,sleet xat or chidora xat
    Thank I hope this is enough ill stay active and cant wait to see the cpps

  2. multicpps says:

    Oh, ok, by the way are you a new author here, if so welcome to the team.

  3. Sparky says:

    1. Sparky
    2. 19 TODAY
    3. Moderator ONLY IF I CAN !Nick (ANY NAME)
    4. I Created xCPS
    Penguin United
    SparkyCP v2
    BirthdayCP (STILL GOING)

    Thats All!

  4. Froggies says:

    Is it up and running now? (Today is May 6 2012)

  5. vacreli0 says:

    Woah, that’s nice. And CPBroadcast the Youtube Channel? you that Pie fan with Rasta wig? and Leprechaun Suit :O I know Pie is in charge of this but if I would be the creator you would be completely hired!

  6. Dark Pit (Minid) says:



    What would you do as staff:Be active, Ban Hackers, dhelp the server, Create commands, Report Glitches, Give advice on server security! and Give warning before banning by a kick!
    Experience:Great, Ive been SOM on SnailCPv2, Med On Ultimate Penguin, Mod on fusion and Creator of Penguin Fiesta!
    P.S The Sparky Above is FAKE!

  7. Dark Pit (Minid) says:

    P.S New link:!

  8. Crisps says:



    What would you do as staff:Help Find bugs stop hackers stop DDoSers and help new people

    Experience:Finding bugs stopping hackers i stopped many hackers in CPx4

  9. Sparky says:

    Im TheFlame12

  10. sparky says:

    My Name Is Took!

  11. KingGrayson says:

    Name: Grayson
    Age: 8
    What you would do as staff: Stop hackers, stop bulliers, and have fun with other penguins
    Experience: Made KingGuyJames123,KingGrayson (penguin),Kingguyjames (penguin)
    Contact me at “”

  12. šтøмρ says:

    Hey bro. It’s awesome that now you own CPPS’s… we can communicate on it 😀 By the way, may I be staff?

  13. kattycatcatlove says:

    club penguin: hope you all like the new club penguin!
    me: WTF? we hate it! everybody does!
    club penguin: new cp is better than old cp guys!
    me: WTF? everyone wants old cp! back! give us wut we want!
    club penguin: you always sometimes don’t get wut you want!
    me: you guys are the worst!
    club penguin: thank you for vitsting new cp!
    me: WTF?

  14. katty! says:

    Wow today is a beautiful day it is raining! Yay! P.s Wut is a link to a cpps? That’s good!

  15. iJay says:

    Username: iJay (been iGummyBearx3 , CookieZ and ijayx3)


    What would you do as staff:Well ill help people and ban/kick any1 who breakes rules if there are

    Experience:Main Owner on Penguin Thunder , Moderator on uniquecp (turned to and there was more i dont remember.(iGummyBearx3

  16. LeoWin8 says:

    Username: LeoWin8

    Age 14

    What would you do as staff: Protect the CPPS from hackers as a mod for hackers its an instant ban. But if its a normal player breaking the rules or being rude to me I kick them

    Experience: Being a super med on snailcpv2. never banned or kicked myself

  17. LeoWin8 says:

    also if being rude to staff for what i would do as staff

  18. ju982grd says:



    What would you do as staff: help new people and l never ban unfairly mute who swears and kick who’s flooding and spammings

    Experience:i love cpps’s i play pengable,ap, and many others i hate to see who’s crying for a code if i see that i give him the code he wants (i do that at every cpps even if im not mod on it i will still do that) if u want to contact with me this is my e-mail

  19. I consider something really interesting about your blog so I saved to fav.

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