Makin’ A CPPS!

Hey guys,  I’ve always wanted to make a CPPS… so I’ll make one right now! First, I need  some help with some people… anyone want to help? If you want to help or be staff, comment BELOW! Oh and I might call it um… Vacrelio96CP. (I Hope your reading this Vacrelio)

Oh and I made a signature (I’ll probably post it on every post I make)


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8 Responses to Makin’ A CPPS!

  1. snowcpps says:

    I could help you! I can make you the xat, logos and custom items for that cpps. And I think I can help with getting you a coder! So, I can help alot dude. I wanna be any rank i dont care what rank I get. Contact my at:

    Tell me the link also btw


  2. snowcpps says:

    I can help with your cpps. I can make xats, websites, logos and custom items. I can help finding you a coder. If you need more info or have any questions contact me at:

    Give me the link also btw.


  3. I wold love to help!
    Im making my own cpps magicalcpps
    im also creator on LePieCP owner on cpps6
    an….Super admin on mintycpps and admin on advance cpps
    heres reasons why I could be good
    1.I give someone 3 chances before I kick and BAN If I See a hacker
    2.My brithday was last month so it would be a nice late birhtday presnet
    3.I wont boas about powers,and will only post what should be posted on the site
    4.I love to draw so im full of idea’s
    5.I will always give players warm welcome’s
    How to contact me
    Youtube—-> JLSgirl2468 <—– Better 2 comment on my yt!:)
    I play lots of cpps!
    My user would be: Leppy
    thanks to whoever reads this

  4. vacreli0 says:

    I read this Stomp, I’m glad you’re back, you can use the Staff of Penguin Town if you want, You can adjust it like you want, delete, move anyone you want, just copy paste it!

  5. declanrocks says:

    All i have to say is, can i be staff?

  6. anthony says:

    i will help you i will be a moderator on the game even in the xat name will be antohny995 -goodbye

  7. Dark Pit (Minid) says:

    I Can help by Making a logo
    Moderating the server
    And custom room ideas!

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