MintyCPPS an Upcoming CPPS!

MintyCPPS is an upcoming CPPS. It has been through many bumpy paths in its road to be a complete and opened CPPS. They are going to open soon. They will have so many features it will be unbelievable! I will post more when it is open.


Kind Regards,



About Rarity

I COULDN'T RESIST USING MY XAT PICTURE HERE!! You can call me Rarity or Jade I'm Admin on Vacrelio's Blog. I've been staff on most of Lake's CPPS'es. If you see a new CPPS email me at I will post it up here. By the way... WHY ARE YOU READING ABOUT ME!!!
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One Response to MintyCPPS an Upcoming CPPS!

  1. Snowdrop says:

    MintyCP will open today. Someone alredy ordened the VPS and he is going to do something with files for release. I dont know at what time, but they will release today.


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