New CPPS: SnailCP

Hello Penguins, xPiex here.

Today a new cpps has came out called SnailCPv3 owned by Nikolaaa1 and me “xPiex”!

This snailcp is a game for kids teenagers, even younger!

Try an earn staff, meet new friends,get more coins, have a awesome snowball fight also throw awesome Partys!



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5 Responses to New CPPS: SnailCP

  1. halflife308 says:

    Hi, I’m Jamie from CPPSHQ.

    I only just realized that this site has been around for a very long time. I think this website is very good for CPPS news. Keep up the good work.

    Jamie ~

  2. halflife308 says:

    Nice website! In case you are wondering, I am Jamie/Vyper Guy from CPPSHQ.

  3. kikiky3 says:



    What would you do as staff:i would make sure everyone is happy no rude or bad comments and no hackers

    Experience:quiet a bit , i have been staff on snailcp v1

    btw i want to please be staff
    we talked about the basics on cpsnail v1

  4. Wolf says:

    Yo!! its Wolf OM? from Scp
    iwas wondering were the gang was and i miss u so much!! does sep still exist???

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