CPPS.Me is back with more awesome updates!

Hey Guys! Sorry for not posting for a while, you know there’s school and that stuff, well, so I’m here to show you the new things that the new CPPS.Me got for us!

First of all, there’s the login Screen, wich looked for me really awesome:

I laughed a lot because it made me remember 9gag I don’t know why 😛

In second place, the loader, it’s not custom at all but it’s the newest loader of Cp and that seemed to me as a change:

The I noticed something that is getting worse every day:

Yup, CPPS.Me is getting more and more crowded every day! We need to control this now!

Also we got the Angry Bird Pet (Orange Puffle) If you want it just type this: !angryb

Also you might know already, there’s a Find Four Competition! I don’t know how to enter to the competition I hope you can find it yourselves 😉

Here’s the Advert video [NOTE: The music can be annoying for some people like me] :



PS: In other news, the CPPS that inspired Vacrelio to create this awesome blog is back! http://cppshq.com/ !! it is owned by D0pe he used to visit this blog too, I hope you like how it is going to D0pe with CPPSHQ but don’t forget to check this blog too!


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