New CPPS-SnailCp

Greetings human beings 😛

Today I’ve found an awesome CPPS that is not completely new, there have been older versions of it, it’s called SnailCp! This awesome and really custom CPPS is runned by Nik! A great friend of the founder of the blog, Vacrelio Rest in peace (he’s not dead he just quit CPPSes XD) Sincerely, this is the customest CPPS I’ve ever seen! The most cool things of it is that the coffee Shop is completely drawn! And for me it looks awesomer than how it is.

Here’s a pic of me, Sonic_2000 and Nikolaaa1 (That’s a part of the Coffee Shop) :

The Links are.

Home|Register|Play If you can’t enter to the playpage try this version!

I hope you liked this post as my first post about CPPSes 😉



PyroZX’s note: Please put http://  in front of the link or it will direct it to a blog page that isn’t there

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5 Responses to New CPPS-SnailCp

  1. Jade says:



  2. 3piplup says:

    what are the commands?

  3. kiki says:

    IM trying it now and it just wont work

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