New Admin- TheSlammer

Greetings Penguin Friends, my name is TheSlammer, probably most of you don’t know who I am. I’m Vacrelio’s Cousin, as you may have heard, he quit CPPSes. 2 days ago, he asked me to take his place in his blog, I gladly accepted his request. Luckily, I use CPPSes since 2010, so I am as well-experienced as him, I’m also kinda good at coding so if you need help on something don’t doubt on asking me! and as Vacrelio, I like adventures.

I hope you enjoy my stay in this blog, I know you will treat me nice as I will.

This is a pic of me:

Oh, by the way, Vacrelio wanted me to let you know that we have reached more than 10’000 views! Thanks everyone for visiting the blog! is your choice if we are making a party or not! Please vote below!


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3 Responses to New Admin- TheSlammer

  1. Crips says:

    Hello i’m an experienced author and i would like to join Please anwser back thx 🙂

    • theslammer97 says:

      Sure we’re answering back! Just leave a comment in the Blog Staff Page, and answer this questions:

      How Old Are you:
      How much time have you been using CPPSes:
      Have you managed any blogs? How much? What are their names?:

  2. cool says:

    ?????? what do you mean bye all that ???????????????

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