Not giving up!

Hey guys all of you might have notice vacrelio is gone and quit Cppes to.I am upset as also Vacrelio was a good friend and always be my friend even though we might not be talking.I will try to make PenguinTown come out I don’t know if i can.I am making a cpps called PenguinBlast is going to be PenguinTown its going to be a cpps combined.I’m not letting you guys down.Vacrelio if you see this we miss you dude and hope you can back

(NOTE):At least try to go on xat i mean its not that boring

Well anyway bye.Also authors keep trying to find new cpps and post about them

~iMelo12  also the Penguin Of the month  is going to be updated soon


About iMelo12

I like my family and i like helping people and i also like pie!
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2 Responses to Not giving up!

  1. CpPL4y3r says:

    SolarCp Link

  2. Jackson says:

    Hey um are we going to keep our staff spots

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