CPPS.Me Updates

Recently, CPPS.Me has been adding more awesome Stuff, like memes of uCp, Christmas Party, etc. Now it got this:

Cool isn’t it? For most of you it’s annoying that there are Portuguese, Spanish and French People in the english server, forget about it, now they got this Spanish CPPS.Me for the spanish people. Also, they updated the map.

But Sadly, the register is bugged, so not everyone can register, it says that you need Mozilla Firefox when you register, As people tells me, they tried to register with Mozilla, and appeared the same thing, I tried to, and the same happened:

Also, there’s a lot of Downtime as Jade said, I hope D0pe, Stanley and Connor can fix this. Don’t you?



About vacreli0

Hey guys wazzup, I am Vacrelio I work in Vacrelio96 site, I like to hang out with my friends, I like action, adventure, and mistery, you can easily find me in Penguin Trillion or DarkCPPSv3. Oh I forgot... STOP STALKING MEEEE
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