Important notice

Hey guys! Today December the 4th we got More than 5,000 total views! I thank you all for this, and I hope we can reach to 10,000 some day, should we make a party about it? Comment Below!


About vacreli0

Hey guys wazzup, I am Vacrelio I work in Vacrelio96 site, I like to hang out with my friends, I like action, adventure, and mistery, you can easily find me in Penguin Trillion or DarkCPPSv3. Oh I forgot... STOP STALKING MEEEE
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2 Responses to Important notice

  1. Cooldude12 says:

    Vacrelio we should have a party because last time we didnt have a party because penguin trillion was down and you said 5,000 views we will have a next party.

  2. vacreli0 says:

    Oh yes! I forgot, I am giving the details soon

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