My New Xat Private Server!

xat chat

UPDATE: Link Is!

UPDATE: Register By Sending An Email To

Hi Everyone I Know That This Isnt About CPPSES But This Is My Xat Private Server. The Register Is Getting Suspended It Keeps Saying:

This form is currently inoperational.

This form is temporarily unavailable. Please contact the webmaster of this site for more information.
Never divulge usernames and passwords of your personal accounts (Login names and passwords, Credit card numbers, PIN numbers, Bank account numbers, Mother”s maiden name, Social Security number, Date of birth) unless you are certain it is from a legitimate source. If you feel that you have been a victim of fraud, please

If U Want To Register Please Comment Saying I Wanna Register!


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15 Responses to My New Xat Private Server!

  1. CpJunior says:

    hey nikolaaa1 can i be staff on your xat private server . i want to register , my user will be iCpJunior

  2. iCpJunior says:

    @CpJunior is Me x) i forgot to login . can i be staff on your private server . i will follow every rule , advertise on my Facebook i will be your designer for chat bgs etc. Please Reply! thanks

  3. iCpJunior says:

    i want to register

  4. nikolaaa1 says:

    Ok Please Contact Me On xat Or Play. U Can Contact Me On To.

  5. cpjunior says:

    Ok I will go now cuz I just got off from school

  6. Jade says:

    I want to join.

  7. Xavier says:

    I want to register I’ll contact you right now

  8. Blueistrogu says:

    I want to register.

  9. nikolaaa1 says:

    Everyone Send An Email To with user and pass!

  10. Cooldude12 says:

    uh……… im just going to uh go to home………..

  11. Xexaa says:

    Since I please register acc Thanks

  12. BloodThursty RaPPeR says:

    i checked it alot , but its still down. i registered , but it gives me a Red “X” , when its up ? , im checking it everyday 😀 , and when its up , can i be the other owner ? like in the original xat ( 42 + Christina ) and ty 🙂

  13. river58 says:

    i wanna register

  14. eddo says:

    is this server free ??
    please answer the fast :))

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