New Header!

Hello Guys! MultiCPPS Here,

Today,I Looked At Our Website. And I Found We Had A CPPSHQ Header.

So I Decided To Make a ” Vacrelio96  Header ”    Hope You Like It!

And If You Would Like A Header For Your Site Email Me At

Stay tuned And Waddle On!

~MultiCPPS A.K.A xPiex


About Crox
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3 Responses to New Header!

  1. izzytheind says:

    I am going to send you a DCMA unless if you clear up all the copyright from my blog

  2. FaZe says:

    Dear xPiex
    Sorry I didn’t get to see you for a long time I really miss how we were bff and stuff also helping me become Staff with you I hope we get to see each other again :’)

    Your old best friend forever

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