Lake DIDNT! Quits the CPPS Community+All my different names

Some of you may heard Lake quit the CPPS Community. So that means he won’t be making CPPSes anymore :(. He will new be on Riley’s Forums (Rile5’s Forums). On iCPworld Xat He stated at the bottom of the chat, he quit the CPPS Community. ATTENTION!!! LAKE DIDNT QUIT THE CPPS COMMUNITY!!!!

Now, some of you have been confused with all my names. Here is all my names:










There, now you know all my names.


EDIT: P.S. Please Comment On What YOU think!


About Rarity

I COULDN'T RESIST USING MY XAT PICTURE HERE!! You can call me Rarity or Jade I'm Admin on Vacrelio's Blog. I've been staff on most of Lake's CPPS'es. If you see a new CPPS email me at I will post it up here. By the way... WHY ARE YOU READING ABOUT ME!!!
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